Your Healthy Spirit

Ever wonder why you become ill? Ever wonder why some symptoms show up where they do on or in your body?

What many don’t realize is that our spirituality is directly linked to how healthy our bodies are. Studies show that people who live authentically and have worked on mending their past fragmented parts into a more integrated present can heal chronic infection better than those who haven’t done that work. It’s scientific. Read on for the proof. 

According to one of the world’s leading trauma scientists, Bessel van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score, our body’s issues are “in the tissues” and when we can release that trauma that part of the body will begin to heal. Van der Kolk’s team has collected over 30 years of research proving that any trauma from our past (and this, of course varies from a mother letting an infant “cry themselves to sleep” in their crib to being terrorized on the frontlines of a war) will find a home inside of our bodys’ cells and rent space there until we address it and help express it out of the body.

Until we purge out the stored trauma, however, we carry it like we carry around our purse or our backpack. Some people carry around truckloads for their entire life, not realizing that their past is in the driver-seat of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions; that our reactions we may presently be “experiencing” are really reactions from the embedded trauma. 

So what do we do once we are sick and tired of being sick and tired and would like to live differently? Perhaps taking a look at your childhood dynamics or trauma during your later years will help free you of your present circumstances so you can live a more full life of choice and freedom, love and joy.