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All of the information and skills I offer work to grow and maintain agency (inner strength) in one’s life so they can experience how great it is to live in freedom and joy.

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By the hour 

 This 1-hour session will enable you to check in with yourself and walk away with tools that you can use any time of day to feel physically and emotionally stronger! Client sets the pace.

6-  Week Change Your Relationship with Food

This program is designed to support the client as they create a stronger connection with food and their body and mind. The client will learn what motivates their food choices, more about whole plant foods, using intuition and their senses to help guide food choices, understanding food labels, meal prep, eating at the table, and even clean-up; all vital roles for proper nourishment.  This includes a session at the supermarket of client's choice.

8-   Week Wellness Toolbox

This program offers the client a hands-on approach so they can remain more at ease with all that life sends their way. The client will become better acquainted with themselves by utilizing breathing techniques and other daily practices to stimulate an immediate relaxation response enabling the client to better focus and satisfy their own wants and needs. This will include key components of the above program helping create a new relationship with food. 

12-  Week Wellness Revolution

This program is designed for the client to gently explore the possibility that their childhood self(ves) may be playing a role in their current life. This work allows the client to begin paying attention to those messages that have been motivating them and to try to “re-parent” those parts that may have gotten lost along the way. This program is designed for the person who is willing and ready to process feelings in ways that better suit them; building and maintaining boundaries with the goal of feeling more strength, freedom, and worth in their life. This person has a strong desire to live as their true self , no longer for other people, places, and things. They come to know, on a deeper level, that they are enough, no matter what is going on around them. This program will include the hands-on skills listed above in the Wellness Toolbox.

All programs are offered online as well as in person.