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It's been proven that when a person has a strong sense of who they are, they are naturally more energized and peaceful.

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science-based health coach

Allison Murphy M.Ed, HHC

How big do you want your life to be

Perhaps my own story will resonate with you. Early on I was conditioned to abandon my own needs and focus on others’ needs. In my opinion, decades of rejecting and ignoring my own self led to chronic disease so serious that I was diagnosed with thyroid issues and two brain tumors. One of the tumors, a glioblastoma, was the same one that killed my father 6 months after his diagnosis. On a very deep level I knew not to touch it and told my neurosurgeon, “No” when he suggested surgery. My body knew before my brain did.

I quickly researched and made necessary changes in my diet and my first MRI showed that both tumors began shrinking with no outside medical intervention. Those tumors hung out for a while until years later, when I began examining my decision making and feeling emotions that I had suppressed most of my life by pulling apart old family belief systems, that both tumors cleared and my thyroid regulated itself. Coincidence?

Today, when I am in alignment with my true self, my life has a flow to it that gives me energy, is easy, and certainly more fun. Conversely, if I am not in alignment with who I am (if I become afraid and attempt to control), then life becomes a greater challenge for me. Today, science tells us it's the chemistry inside of us that takes its cues from our thoughts and feelings (and vice/versa) that ultimately dictates the health of ones body and mind. Other countries have known this for quite some time and the US is finally catching on. 

 I am confident that I can help the person who’s willing to explore new ways of navigating their life.

I've spent 35 years as a Health and Science Teacher and 18 as a Health Coach. 

Change can be challenging, especially when we’ve been carrying a belief system that’s as old as we are. Having someone in your corner who can help remind you that you are more powerful than you think and feel you, is vital as you move through any challenges that may arise. I will support you as you begin to realize, “No matter what, I really am OK.” 

My programs are not magical and major life changes that a client may want to see happen do not occur overnight (although breathing techniques work immediately and food consumption can be felt right away). The science-based skills I offer can enable you to grow and maintain an agency (inner strength) in your life so you can experience how great it is to live in that strength, accessing freedom and joy, peace and deep satisfaction that is your birthright.

My programs are science-based and if you're that person who needs the data, I've got your back.

With over 30 years as a Health and Science teacher, Health Coach, Yoga Practitioner, Plant Nutrition Counselor, and Mediator, I have the expertise to support and empower you to make simple changes as well as truly help you as you transform your life. 

You decide how big you want to be in this world.


  • Master of Education - Teacher Education
  • Bachelor of Science - Health Education and Science Education

Certifications and Credentials 

  • NY State Licensed Health Teacher and Sexuality Educator
  • CT State Licensed Health and Science Teacher
  • Health Coach certificate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in association with Columbia University and the New York State Department of Education
  • Cornell University Plant Nutrition for Cancer
  • IDE - Innovative Designs Educator (Technology Ed)
  • 180 hours SUNY Westchester Center for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Certified Mediator
  • Yoga for Anxiety and Depression
  • Yoga for 12-Step Recovery
  • Yoga Ed. for Kids

35 Years of Health, Wellness, and Science

Awards and Published Works