The Sleep Weight Loss Connection

The first question I ask a client who wants to lose weight but has been unable to, is, “what is sleep like for you?” Our circadian rhythms (our body clocks that allow us to wake up and sleep when we do) rely on hormones working the way they’re supposed to. In fact, our entire bodies rely on the hormones our glands pump out so addressing hormonal issues when faced with a health concern would benefit the body. Simply stated, good sleep maintains good weight.

When our sleep is limited or poor, our bodies do not process insulin the way it’s supposed to.  Insulin’s job is to bring sugar (energy) into the cells but if insulin is unavailable of course the energy doesn’t go in. We can then feel diabetes-like symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, etc.

When insulin is working correctly, your body will process fats the way it’s supposed to; your metabolism (your body’s ability to break down food and use it as energy) will work just fine.

Try this natural remedy to sleep better tonight. No matter how sunny it is, go outside, without glasses, and allow natural light to hit your face but mostly your eyes. The light will go through your pupils, sending a message to your pineal gland to turn serotonin into melatonin (that sleepy feeling)  tonight after the sun goes down (this is the “sleepy” feeling we get) . In fact, watch your dog, if you have one. See how they behave as the sun goes down. 

You may want to consider something very important, however, about the lights that enter into your eyes. The best thing you can do for your hormones to ensure a solid night of Zzzz’s is to turn off all devices at least an hour before turning in. The blue lights from your devices keep the pineal gland from releasing melatonin and will not trigger the sleep response. Have you noticed that you’re awake longer if you take your device to bed with you? 

Please let me know how you sleep differently after doing this!