Religion? Spirituality? Or both?

Today, so many of us are “on a spiritual path” but what exactly does that mean? The word spirituality denotes an awareness of something greater than just you. Living a spiritual life can be included inside the definition of religion but only if, at the root of that religion, is the universal understanding that somehow we are all connected at our heart. Typically religions are organizations because they offer their supporters a certain ideology that they are (generally) expected to follow. Spirituality does not seem to do that. One’s spiritual journey or path may differ from another’s, however, I believe, the human spiritual desire here on earth is to live in a place of freedom from outside limitations; to view themselves and others from a place of love and oneness. But how do we do that?

Typically most people do not one day wake up one day and decide, “Today is the day for me to begin my spiritual journey” . I would argue that the soul is always on that journey and that it’s our responsibility as earthly thinkers and beings to tap into the truth of that soul. For example, we may really think that being an accountant is one of the best things we can do for ourselves because it’s a stable, reliable, well-paying career. That’s exactly why I decided to major in accounting during the first 2 years of college along with my father’s advice that going to business school was the best choice for me (read that, again-I allowed my father to decide for me as if I weren’t even a participant in my own life). 

And if I include my ego in this story, majoring and becoming an accountant, ‘sounded good’ to those outside myself. But now, remembering back, majoring in accounting was tortuous for me!

A person who is on a conscious spiritual journey will be aware enough to know that and instead choose or change careers that they are better suited for, that they are absolutely passionate about, and one which comes very natural to them. So, when they’re on the clock “working”, it’s not as if they’re working, it’s more like they’re “producing”. This way, time flies by and they cannot wait to do it again the next day. 

See where I’m going with this? If you do, you’ll also know that what you decide to do for a living is only one spiritual decision that you make and only part of who you are. We make so many decisions each day and during our lifetime here on the planet and if we were aware of how they affect us and ultimately others, I think we’d be a more peaceful and satisfied human race.  

In general, living from the truth of who we are is our most natural and easiest state. Don’t you want to live there? 

Here’s the bottom line: if the human truth is one of freedom and love (think young children) then don’t we owe it to ourselves to truly understand what makes us feel alive? If accounting makes you feel alive, then go for it! But if singing, photography, dancing, researching and writing does it for you, then you owe it to yourself and the rest of us on this planet to do exactly that because as a spiritual being you know that what you in your life affects the rest of us.