Let Your Mother Ground You

No, not your actual mom, but Mother Nature. Ever notice that going for a walk shifts things for you? Are you aware why? Mother nature helps absorb from you what you no longer need if you let her. Here's what I mean. We are saturated with invisible electrical charges that are in the air (air ions) and they are either positive (having gained an electron) or negative (having lost an electron) that move (because they're charged), which explains why positive ions are heavier in weight and negative ones are lighter. 

Perhaps you may be thinking that positive ions would be good for us. It's actually the opposite. According to the National Institutes of Health , negative ions have been proven to be air cleaners and positive ions have been discovered to pollute the air. Some of this pollution is natural (radiation from the sun, for example) but it's obviously getting worse. These positive ions, besides being invisible, are also odorless, and tasteless and surround us in our environment such as our electronic devices, lights, noise, cell towers, as well as humidity, winds, and even dust. 

Now I'd like you to recall how good it feels to be outside and "get a breath of fresh air", say, during and after a walk.

Negative ions that can come from becoming grounded outside in nature (think trees, oceans, mountains, etc.,) have been linked to lighter mood and better focus. When we absorb (breath in) these invisible molecules, studies show that we are even more alert due to the increase of oxygen to the brain when negative ions are absorbed, according to Columbia University's Dr. Michael Terman, PhD. We breathe them where they are immediately absorbed into our bloodstream. 

Where can we get the negative ions so we feel more positive? Nature! Try visiting a location where there is running water because air molecules break apart when there's running water. So, then, when waves crash, rivers flow, rain falls, and even you wash your face and bathe, you are able to absorb these negative ions. In addition, walking barefoot on the earth, forest bathing, surrounding yourself with plants, sunshine, and air movement (open the windows because air conditioning will instead increase positive ions) itself can create them, according to www.motivationalliance.org. 

If you're at all concerned about the amount of radiation you may be receiving, I strongly recommend getting outside in nature to balance out the electrical circuits inside your body. We are, after all, made up of the same elements as Mother Nature herself. In fact, I believe, we are nature. 

If you are unable to get outside, look into purchasing a grounding mat so you can place it under your desk (so your feet can rest on it while you work) or a grounding mattress to sleep on). 

So next time it rains why not head outside and let yourself get a little wet? See how you feel afterwards and let me know!