Building Boundaries (for Self-Worth and Hormonal Health)

Ugh! That icky feeling you get when you said YES to someone but really wanted to say NO to them. Building boundaries is not easy if no one has ever taught you how to. It takes courage and practice but once they're in place and you have the experience of someone "bumping up against them" and you get your need met because you kept them in place, there's no going back. 

We all are worthy of getting our needs and wants met. In this article I will be writing about needs only because they can be more important for your safety and comfort while you navigate the perception that the answer to feeling worthy lies outside of yourself. 

When I write about needs I'm talking about the ones like safety and security, love, feeling that you matter, comfort, connection, respect, equality, support, etc. When these needs are met by a person who has boundaries in place the feelings that arise are usually confidence, peaceful, playful, enthusiastic, open, trusting, etc. And of course there are the physical sensations that go along with them such as fluid, energized, focused, expansive, glowing, radiating, and warm. When our bodies are experiencing these sensations that tells us that our hormones are working the way their supposed to, releasing healthy chemicals inside the brain and body. Who doesn't want to live that way.

And of course the opposite will occur when we neglect ourselves. When we say YES but really wanted to say NO, we feel lonely, disappointed, resentful, startle easily, skeptical, frustrated, miserable, guilty, etc, and the body, in turn will respond to those emotions by causing constriction, tightness, the jitters, restricted, shaky, suffocating, frozen, bloated, wobbly, etc., due to the toxic chemicals our that get released in our brains and bodies from our endocrine system. This is where disease can begin for most of us. We know it today as "inflammation". 

So muster up all of your courage and take a leap of faith that the Universe will support you as you get your needs met because the Universe / God / Spirit / Divinity / Allah / etc., only wants good for us and the sooner we 'get this', the faster the world can heal. We owe it to those around us to meet our own needs first !