Liposomal Nutrients: Apples and Oranges

Fruit continues to be a high source of fiber and (mostly) vitamin C and sure does taste good. I think I will always enjoy fruit whether in the warmer months or a nice crispy apple, which is my favorite, any time of the year.

If you’re looking to create strong immunity against disease, whether pandemic-related or not, you have another choice: ingesting nutrients that have been encapsulated in liposomes (lipo-“fat” and soma “body”) known as "liposomal" nutrients.

The idea behind liposomal delivery is to get the nutrients further into the body through cell permeability (entry into the cell). In other words, regular absorption of a nutrient can be very inefficient but because liposomes (fatty-vesicles) mimic cell membranes and are slippery and fatty, the nutrient that’s packed inside the liposome gets delivered further and more easily, even surviving stomach acids. This is helpful to those with digestive issues who may not absorb nutrients readily. Because cell membranes recognize liposomal nutrient as “one of its own”, not being a toxic substance, something like liposomal Vit. C. can get absorbed all the way through the colon. 

In addition, it can be used as a mouth rinse for oral issues of the mouth (oral surgeries, for example) as it is not acidic (hence the name “ascorbic acid” which can remove tooth enamel).

It can even be used topically on the skin to boost cell replication and heal the topical wounds more effectively and is gentle enough to apply on the face.

Ingesting liposomal nutrients offers the body a greater chance of healing and maintaining a high level of health. They even come in powders that are more neutral tasting and have a longer shelf life.

Studies show strong absorption rates with nutrients that are delivered liosomally. I encourage you to try an experiment: Give yourself one month of trying a nutrient of your choice in a liposomal solution and see what happens. Perhaps, if it's Vitamin C, and you're taking it for healing your gut (always check with your doctor first), you'll see a difference in how you feel. Write me and let me know!